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Deep-Sky Star Chart allows you to explore the universe with science, discover how we can combine information tables, laws of motion and location to observe the cosmos.


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Deep-sky™ Star Chart
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Our History

Deep-Sky Star Chart, also known as the Messier Planisphere. Was created by an amateur astronomer who wanted to make it easier to find all the deep-sky messier objects. We hope to make this brilliant and easy-to-use star chart a standard tool for the amateur astronomer.


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Awesome Thing To Have

This is a great Planisphere. I love it! It is large and comfortable with a whole lot of information on it - both on the front and the back. The thing is that large is important because you will be using it at night, in the dark.

Charles D.

Fun Way To Learn

A easy way to learn about constellations. It's a helpful model in explaining how the stars we see in the night sky will change based on the date and time. The star chart was a much bigger hit.

Joshua R.

Endless Treasure Hunting

The 16” diameter makes this star guide easy to see for all ages. There is seemingly endless information on the constellations, star magnitude, galaxies, globular clusters nebula all impeccably organized. And that is just the front!

James P.